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Light Steel Structure Vocational Village

The construction technology of low-rise steel structure low-rise residence is based on North American wood structure construction technology. After more than 100 years development, it has formed mature physical structure with excellent physical performance, flexible space and shape, easy...

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Product Details

The construction technology of low-rise steel structure low-rise residence is based on North American wood structure construction technology. After more than 100 years development, it has formed mature physical structure with excellent physical performance, flexible space and shape, easy construction and various forms. system. More than 95% of the low-rise residential buildings, including residential, shopping malls, schools, office buildings, etc., are constructed of wood or light steel structures (even our neighbors Japan and the United States of America) in the North American continent, which is considered the best living environment in the world. Korea). North American wood structure and light steel structure in the construction market has an absolute advantage. In recent years, with the timber prices continue to climb, the North American light steel structure market development is more than 30% growth rate of rapid growth, and gradually for the market is widely accepted. At the same time in our neighboring Japan (KC system in Japan) and South Korea, as well as Australia has also been widely used. Summary The rapid development of light steel structure in North America in recent years can be summarized as a mature and reliable technology, structural system and flexible construction and commercial development, building economy, advanced technology in line with environmental protection and energy conservation trends in several aspects of sustainable development. China's iron and steel industry production has been in the forefront of the world, but the use of steel in the construction industry is far lower than the level of developed countries, light steel structure of low-rise residential construction technology in line with national industry-oriented construction industry; The construction of every light steel structure residential projects, have aroused the industry and the relevant government departments at all levels of the strong reaction and concern, and relevant government departments at all levels in the policy and technical support. Light steel structure of the technology and product configuration is very mature, a high degree of industrialization, North America is nearly 100 years of building technology and the crystallization of the development of building materials industry. The galvanized steel sheet used in the building structure is excellent in corrosion resistance and durable, and its service life is 275 years under normal use. The seismic performance of the light-weight steel structure is much better than that of the traditional concrete and brick-concrete residence. At the same time, the structure of light-weight steel structure, light weight, weight per unit area is only equivalent to the weight of the same area of brick and concrete structure 1/4, so its basic processing is simple, suitable for most geological conditions. Steel structures are no longer as worrying about termites as wooden structures.

our light steel villa can be customized,the min size is 20 square meter,after got customers details requirements about the inside layout,size,material choose,next step,our design apartment will drawing according to the specifications,after got customers confirm with the drawing,then send it to quotation department to list the detail price,or customer can ask us to make some recommend to choose .



1. Thermal insulation, wallboard used energy-saving panels, heat preservation and energy saving effect is remarkable.

2. Cold bridge effective partition, advanced technology can effectively cut off outdoor to indoor temperature conduction to ensure indoor temperature stability.

3. Fire rating for class A, to eliminate fire hazards.

4. Relocation is convenient, mobile integrated container house, can be wholly moved by forklift and crane, can be transported by overall, packaging transport and bulk transport such 3 different ways.

5. Modular design, integrated production, our complete set of supply improves production cycle and working speed.

6. Excellent seismic performance of wind, low requirements for foundation, can perfect response to various environments



Sizes: above 20 square meters

Modules = Bottom Floor + Columns and rails + Wall and roof panels + Window and doors + Option modules

main steel frame : Q345B, Q235B   

Roof:50-120mm EPS/PU/Rock wool/Glass wool/cement board

Exterior wall: 50-120mm EPS/PU/Rock wool/Glass wool/cement board

Interior partition: 50-120mm EPS/PU/Rock wool/Glass wool/cement board

Door: steel fire proof door

Window: Aluminum sliding window

Style: design and produce as customers requirements


Residential housing

Apartment house

Holiday Resort

Dormitory and collective dormitory


Packing suitble for shipping

MIn order is 20 square meters


After finished producing,we wil send customers the install drawing,and keep good communication during all processing.


Welcome to wholesale the cheap light steel structure vocational village from our factory. Known as one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China, we also offer the customized service with low price. Now, check the price list and the quotation with us.

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