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Multiple Span Steel Structure Greenhouse

Large Size Multi-Span PC Greenhouse

Industrial Large Size Multi-Span design Film/PC Greenhouse Greenhouse types 1. PC Greenhouse; 2. Film/Plastic greenhouse 3. Glass greenHouse Main Structure of the Greenhouse Greenhouse = Steel Structure Frame + PC/Film Covering + Opening window + Cooling pad + Irrigation system Roof and wall...

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Product Details

Industrial Large Size Multi-Span design Film/PC Greenhouse

Greenhouse types
1. PC Greenhouse;  2. Film/Plastic greenhouse   3. Glass greenHouse
Main Structure of the Greenhouse
Greenhouse = Steel Structure Frame + PC/Film Covering + Opening window + Cooling pad + Irrigation system
Roof and wall covering material
1. PC panels / Sun panels, is a high-tech, energy saving plastic sheet with excellent comprehensive performance.
2. Film with cost very few, easy to install and maintenance, wide coverage together with other features makes it comes to the first choice for covering material, please note that it may cause white pollution after the film passed its service life.

Venlos Greenhouse

Film Tunel Greenhouse

Green House Application:
high effect planting ( fruit, vegetable, flower, medicine); Show sightseeing; high efficient cultivation;
 Agricultural products exhibition; High-end vegetables planting; Ecological restaurant; Seedling factory

Know Why Steel Structure Solar Greenhouse is Perfect for Your Project

Translucent - Meet Solar Light at All Seasons

Light transmittance rate changes with roof covering material transmission properties and greenhouse skeleton shadow rate accompanied with a different angle of solar radiation in different seasons, the transmittance property of greenhouse can change within a great scope . The level of greenhouse transmittance would become direct factors of choosing crops and crop varieties. Most multi-span plastic greenhouses are at 50% to 60 %, and our greenhouses are coverd by sunlight panel light transmission rate is 75 % to 80%, own main glass greenhouse produxts can reach more than 85%.

Insulation - A Stable and Sustaining Producing Environment

Heating energy consumption is a major obstacle to greenhouse operation in winter. Improving the insulation performance and reducing energy consumption are the most direct means to improve production efficiency. Insulation resistance ratio is ratio of roof covering material area and thermal envelope area to the area of land, which is a fundamental measure of thermal insulation properties. Insulation ratio higher, insulation properties go better. In general, multi-span plastic greenhouses are at 0.7-0.8, the glass greenhouse light transmission rate of 0.8-0.9, CMCOSTEEL mutil-span greenhouse can reach more than 0.9-1.1 or higher.
Productive - Plant l Seasons, Harvest All Seasons

CMCOSTEEL greenhouse excellent translucent insulation performance keeps a stable and sustaining environment to suppy plants de,mand and increase crop yields, which is two to three times more than the open field or even higher on some other circumstances. Your greenhouse can be a world of personal creation and imagination, our designers and engineers have complete confidence to accomplish your dream. With proper regulate, control, scientific management, good harvest will be achieved.

Durability - One Time Investment for Life Time Benefit

Durability is mainly effected by material durability anti-aging properties and bearing capacity of the main structure. We dedicated ourselves to build strong and constant products, CMCOSTEEL greenhouse is designed within the principle of life-span last more than 15 years under condition of maximum wind and snow load as 50-year return period based on your local climate situation.As operating in high temperature; high humidity environment with long-term, surface corrosion has become an important factor in the impact of greenhouse service life. CMCOSTEEL greenhouse main load capacity frame are made of cold-formed cold-rolled structure steel with additional process of hot-dip galvanized surface finishing, thickness of coating reach 150um - 200um can guarantee 25 - 30 years of use life.

Simple Structure also Means Stability , Flexibility and Possibility

Modules = Support frame + Covering + Opening + Cooling system + Irrigation system

Support frame

Galvanized square tube has good strength, toughness , ductility and welding process performance as well as good ductility, the alloy layer is firmly attached to the steel substrate, so hot galvanized square tube can be cold- rolled , brushed , bending and produced with other forming process without damaging the coating.
GR profiles use highly automated production technology imported from Europe, process of welding, stamping, punching, roll forming, fixed-length cut off are all completed online, and can achieve continuous one-time forming even there are more than one arch-sharp to process, the profile has a bright finishing with no scratches, high accuracy, consistency, no length limit , good corrosion resistance and other characteristics.
These two steel profiles are prefect material for solar greenhouse engineering.

Roof and wall covering material

There are many covering material options for a solar greenhouse project, however plastic film, glass and sunlight panel are the most chosen ones.
Film with cost very few, easy to install and maintenance, wide coverage together with other features makes it comes to the first choice for covering material, please note that it may cause white pollution after the film passed its service life.
Glass is often used to design a long-lived greenhouse due to good light transmission properties. Insulation properties are between film and solar panels. Glasshouse necessary accessories and sealing material prices are a little bit higher for glass project, also larger mass, so the skeleton load increases as well as steel usage, means higher overall costs.
Sun panels, is a high-tech, energy saving plastic sheet with excellent comprehensive performance.
Light weight: Weight is one-fifteenth of the same thickness of glass
High strength: Anti-impact property is 16 times more than glass
Energy saving: Saving 40% more energy compared with greenhouse enveloped by glass
Durable: Light transmittance only reduce 10% after more than 10 years usage
Resistance: Resistant to cold and heat : between -40 centidegree ~ 120 centidegree, solar panels do not produce distortion

Opening windows and ventilation system

Top window and side window: Located at the roof and sides, can be one-way or two-way opening, rack and pinion drive, smooth operation, long life and good sealed insulation.

Cooling system

In order to maintain the greenhouse air temperature, ground temperature within a proper range of crop growth and development, the heat flows into the greenhouse must be excluded for cooling purpose. Hot and humid environment can be a serious impact for plants output.
Cooling system included internal circulation fan, wet curtain / fan cooling system, micro-mist cooling system.

Irrigation system

Modern solar greenhouse requires advanced water-saving irrigation facilities to meet the growing demand from crops. The irrigation water is extracted from the source with the proper pressure after purification, filtration and other treatment, then piped into the field.
CMCO Steel provide all kinds of irrigation system plans from pipe irrigation system, drip irrigation systems, micro irrigation system and walking sprinkler system based on your demand and situation.

Know The Project We Had Supported

Steel structure solar greenhouse can not only be used for farming, but also can be used for poultry industry with good performance of constant temperature and constant humidity. We had designed and constructed many projects like Hydroponic farm, Three-Dimensional Breeding Center, Tropical Plants Garden, Flowers & Plants Market, Floral Hall and Ecological Restaurant.


1. What are main materials of solar greenhouse?
Our solar greenhouse materials mainly include light steel structure after painted or galvanized process, roof panels, door, window, ventilation fans, screws and other accessories.

2. How is your steel structure solar greenhouse performance in High Latitude zone?
Steel Structure Solar Greenhouse is built to deal with problems of lacking heat and solar light when planting crops with good property of insulation and heat reserving. Many of our clients from location between north latitude 45 - north latitude 60 had well proved its excellent performance within vegetable cultivation in winter.

3. How long can your steel structure greenhouse stand for service?
Our Steel structure solar greenhouse are designed for long-term service life purpose, as you can minimize your cost and maximize payback through long time usage. Normally, CMCO Steel Structure Solar Greenhouse has 20 – 30 years life time based on climate and environment situation and only need very easy step to maintain and renew.

4. How is your solar greenhouse performance in extreme climate?
For extreme weather that may happen within your location, we suggest you to choose PC sunlight board as your greenhouse roof covering material, as its excellent performance like high strength and anti-impact and resistance to cold and heat which film and glass does not have. PC board anti-impact property is 200 times more than normal glass, and 30 times more than plexiglass and can remain intact even under a heavy hailstone.

5. Is Steel Structure Solar Greenhouse aseismatic?
Steel Structure Solar Greenhouse can stay solid and stable benefiting from its light weight and steel's elasticity, force of horizontal momental from earthquake can be easily conducted and unload, our greenhouse are designed to deal with M8 earthquake and stay intact, and we can reinforce the steel frame to improve the aseismatic performance for any of your special demand on earthquake-resistance.

6. How long it takes to build Steel Structure Solar Greenhouse
Steel Structure of Greenhouse is prefabricated within factory and can be easily installed by non-technical worked under an illustration. From our experience, a 2000 m2 greenhouse can be assembled and get ready to use within 30 days by 5 workers.

7. Can you provide warranties for product if I order?
Every Steel Structure Solar Greenhouse product from CMCO Steel has its warranty. We can issue a 15 year up to a 30 year warranty covering the structural strength and integrity of greenhouse based on the final product and project details you bought and coopearted from our company .

Our Service

Before sales: We will provide you the most suitable product, guide our customer to find the products you most needed, assure that our customer can pay least money and get most return.

Technical Consultation and Suggestion before Construction: We provide professional consultation and suggestion service for customers' project valuation about cost and duration.

After sales service: Our company insist to use the best quality to win more customer, if there is any question after receive the products, we will provide the best solution to solve the problem our customer have.
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